Posted May 19, 2014

11 Absurd Recruiting Tactics That College Football Coaches Have Recently Attempted


Last week, Rice University picked up a valuable quarterback recruit by sending a letter… to his cat. The letter, sent to Kitty Granato, read "As you know we're trying to convince J.T. Rice is the place for him. I know you'd like to keep him close so he can feed you and change the litter box."

Ridiculous? Yes. Absurd? Undoubtedly. Is it the boldest tactic we've ever seen? Well, I don't know about that.

Below is a brief collection of some of the most absurd college football recruiting tactics that coaches have recently attempted. As you'll see, they range from the lavish, to the bizarre, to the downright Pelini.

Mike London's Stalker-ish Recruiting Letter

While Mike London's Virginia teams haven't found much success on the field, the coach has proven to be a solid competitor on the recruiting trail. London's secret may very well be confusing the hell out high schoolers, if this letter he sent 3-star commit Jeffrey Farrar last December is any indication:

Screenshot via SB Nation

Screenshot via SB Nation

If I got a letter like this, I would probably be inclined to file a restraining order. But to London's credit, Farrar did sign a letter of intent with UVA in February.

It should be noted that London's nonsensical letter was only slightly more absurd than the note that current Michigan player Michael Ferns got from Mississippi State in 2013:


Kevin Sumlin's Swagcopter

Kevin Sumlin didn't take much time at all to turn the Aggies into the top recruiting power in Texas, in no small part because of this "swagcopter" that he's shown off at high schools around the state to woo potential players.

I can't decide whether this helicopter looks like a zebra, a newspaper or another surefire top 10 recruiting class.


Joker Phillips Made the Connection Between His Name and Batman, So He Decided to Beat That Horse To Death

Florida wide receivers coach Joker Phillips has been using his name and photoshop in order to entice (and likely creep the hell out of a few) recruits:

I don't even know.


Former N.C. State Coach Chuck Amato Called a Recruit That Committed to Another School and Sung to Him

In 2002, top North Carolina cornerback recruit A.J. Davis committed to UNC a week before signing day. The news prompted then-North Carolina State coach Chuck Amato to call Davis and start singing Dean Martin's "Return to Me":

The best part? It worked. Davis ultimately signed with the Wolfpack, where he started 23 games.