This is smart.  Child focus is a public service foundation dedicated to finding missing children.  They are inviting companies to put their 404 pages to good use and display missing children (digital) posters instead of the default 404 page.  They’ve set up a very simple website called .  

From this website people can copy and paste some code which will active the service on their website.

Clever idea – I hope it works.  I think it’s smart because it allows anyone, or any website to activate this service. It’s one of the first long term services that I’ve seen set up with a purpose to really help the cause and not just advertise it.

via PSFK

Lachose Paris used a similar “guerilla media” approach last year in a special 1 week operation with Shazam replacing the “song not found” message with a call to action to help Amnesty break the law of silence.