Back in 1995, Val Kilmer was Batman, TLC was warning about chasing Waterfalls, and a wacky fad called “the internet” was creeping into our collective consciousness. The funny thing was, not everyone was hip to it.

Maybe it was that annoying dial-up noise, or possibly we avoided the thing because we were charged by the minute for access. Whatever the reason, only 15% of Americans were using the web back then. So, we needed 5th graders to sell us on it’s many uses.

This Public Service Announcement (PSA) was produced in 1995 by the 5th grade students at Ray Bjork school in Helena Montana. The production equipment was made available by the Myrna Loy Center. Cindy Gaffney mentored the students in all phases of production and she also wrote the script.

Amazing. All of the things they talk about have come true. Even the cat food cupcakes! Way to go kids (and teacher who wrote the script!)

Maybe these youngins are the reason the internet became so popular, or maybe it was that little "chatroom" thing AOL introduced in the same year. We may never know.