I wish I liked coffee, really I do. Somehow, something about it screams “I’m editing this big-time New York City newspaper with a wit and intellect as bitter and black as my soul.”

But no, I’m a tea person, which means I should probably resign myself to writing fitness or fashion articles at some LA startup blog.

But I digress. For those who’d prefer not to pigeonhole themselves into either end of the caffeinated-journalist spectrum, researchers from the Royal Botanic Gardens in London have just discovered what may be the perfect breakfast, 2 o’clock or early-early morning drink: tea made out of coffee.

Brewed with the leaves of the coffea plant, this tea-coffee hybrid is said to be less bitter than tea, not as strong as coffee and to contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which could help combat heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Of course, the coffee leaf isn’t an entirely new discovery, which begs the question why the brew hasn’t exactly taken off over the years. Maybe it has something to do with its caffeine content – “far less” than both coffee and tea – or perhaps its “earthy” or even “undrinkable” taste, as reported by researchers.

Still, a coffeehouse menu item with the potential to unite the whole over-caffeinated world? Could be pretty sweet.

H/T News AU

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