Three children from upstate New York were inside an bouncy castle when the play structure was swept away by a gust of wind Monday.

Two boys, 5 and 6, and a girl, 10, fell from the structure before it was completely blown away. One of the boys fell from the inflatable play house to the asphalt below from at least 15 feet above ground. And the other boy fell onto a parked car. The 10-year-old only suffered suffered minor scrapes.

The boys, 5 and 6, were rushed to Albany Medical Center, where they were treated for serious injuries. Both boys are kindergarteners at Harrison Avenue Elementary School.

As the bouncy castle was taken away by the wind, a witness took the above terrifying picture.

The parent who set up the bouncy castle told reporters she staked it to the ground, but the wind seemed to yank them out of the ground.