Here's how people from different parts of America do their road-tripping.

Americans love their road trips. But a new study from car rental company Enterprise breaks down those road trip habits by demographic. As you can see, Midwesterners clock the most time behind the wheel, while Northeasterners spend the least amount of time on the road. And that isn't the only interesting thing we learned.

Here are some of our favorite findings:

  • Two-thirds of people prefer a short road trip (1-2 days) instead of a long (3+ days) one… romantic weekend getaway, anyone?
  • 41 percent of women and 26 percent of men have rented a car for a road trip so that they didn't have to deal with the wear and tear on their own car
  • Sometimes, the journey is the destination: 42 percent of men and 25 percent of women took a road trip simply because they like driving
  • A whopping 74 percent of respondents said that they prefer driving to a destination over flying or public transit because of the "freedom" it provides