If you value dental hygiene but not enough to regularly floss or brush for the full dentist-recommended two minutes, there's CHIIZ. It's a sonic-powered, retainer-like automatic toothbrush that enables you to "optimize your morning" or "be as lazy as possible" depending on how you want to look at it.
Although toothbrushing has been a part of our daily routine since our childhood, we may still suffer from oral diseases caused by inappropriate brushing methods. One important reason is that regardless of what type of toothbrush we use, dental cleanliness depends on whether we are using the toothbrush correctly or not.
Using your hands to control your brushing, not only thoroughly but correctly, can be difficult. Consequently, incorrect brushing is the cause of many common oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease, in addition to food particles stuck in between our teeth which can lead to bad breath.
CHIIZ is invented to help your brush your teeth correctly. With 360º coverage of every one of your teeth, the automatic toothbrush applies sonic technology to help brush your teeth in a smart and hands-free way.

                                                                              Introducing CHIIZ Automatic, simple & smart
To brush with CHIIZ, all you need is to pop it into your mouth and bite down slightly with your front teeth. Applying a fixed strength, CHIIZ will then start brushing automatically for 30 seconds. Its brushing strength is gentle but effective enough to remove plaques on your teeth. Thus, these harm-free methods prevent your gum tissues from hurting or receding, ultimately preventing your teeth from becoming sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.
Why 30s?
CHIIZ gives you a brand-new brushing experience:
Full coverage of every surface of each tooth CHIIZ is designed in the same shape of your mouth. It fits perfectly so that every surface of your 28 teeth are fully covered. We have paid careful attention to the hard-to-see molars, which are easily neglected and poorly cleaned without a suitable manual brush head.
 Given the variety of mouth size, we have also designed 2 different sizes for you to choose from.
 The bristles of CHIIZ are carefully crafted at 45 degree against your gum line as Bass Technique recommends. In our daily practice, it is often hard to maintain a fixed brushing angle, especially for our inner sides and molars. With CHIIZ, no matter the surface of your tooth, you will surely be brushing at the correct 45º angle. Sonic vibration cleans all blind angles Widely applied across personal care products, sonic technology is very useful in cleaning the soft but sticky plaques stuck in the crevices between our teeth and gum line.

The CHIIZ brush consists of mouthpiece and sonic motor. Situated in the middle of the brush, the sonic motor generates 25,000 strokes per minutes that goes through the conduction bars evenly to every bristle of the brush. The powerful sonic vibrations turn the toothpaste mousse on the brush into plaque-fighting bubbles that diffuse deeply into in-between teeth and gum line. 

Every time after using CHIIZ, every corner of your teeth will be perfectly cleaned, thus effectively helping to prevent oral concerns such as halitosis or plaque hiding in the crevices.
 IPX7 waterproof & anti-bacteria material

CHIIZ is designed to make your brushing experience more efficient. Do your various morning routines while simultaneously brushing your teeth.
CHIIZ uses waterproof and anti-bacteria material, making it very easy to maintain. Every time after use, just rinse it under running water to have it clean.

Toothpaste + mouthwash 2-in-1 mousse

CHIIZ's toothpaste comes in liquid form in a 50ml bottle. Its 2-in-1 liquid toothpaste mousse can be used not only as toothpaste to give your teeth the perfect clean but also as a mouthwash to provide a cool and refreshing breath. The alcohol-free mousse contains mint extracts creating a gentle and cool sensation inside your mouth as well as helping to tame bad breath by killing bacteria that causes halitosis.

While it is suggested to use our special toothpaste mousse for an optimal clean, CHIIZ is also widely compatible with any kind of liquid toothpastes or mousses if you have a particular preference or need for them.
Many more flavors for our 2-in-1 mousse are coming soon following the end of our campaign. You can purchase the supply for $8- $10 per bottle from our online store by then.
Portable, highly adaptive

 CHIIZ is designed as a pocket-sized brush and comes with a travel case, allowing for it to be easily carried anywhere. You can be traveling, camping, in the office or even in a situation with limited mobility.
When fully charged, the sonic motor can be used for up to 20 times (for about 10 days). For long term travelers, bring the compact wireless charging dock with you and together it can provide up to 2 months of use.

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Stretch Goal #1: $150,000 
New-flavoured toothpaste mousse (50 ml)
Since the launch of our campaign, we have been receiving requests from you, the backers, to create new flavours for our toothpaste mousse. Your feedback has been highly appreciated and in return, we would like to give all of our backers an ADDITIONAL 50ml bottle of new-flavoured toothpaste mousse without any extra cost. It will be delivered together with the package you have chosen.

Team & Development
Our team


An on-time delivery date for CHIIZ is anticipated. We are wrapping up the product development phase for the main features, but we'd still like to hear any great ideas from you, our backers, about features we can include (as long as it doesn't impact the delivery date). We've found reliable manufacturing partners but even with the best manufacturing processes setup, unexpected hiccups may happen. Logistical issues are also being solved to ensure a smooth delivery for when we've exceeded our goal.
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