Arsenio Hall is the latest Hollywood star to express an interest in buying the Clippers, but he needs help to reach the billion dollars he believes he needs to secure the franchise.

Monday night, the late-night host has set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to buy the team. As of Tuesday afternoon, Hall had raised $1,242 of his total.

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Hall writes that while he'd love to raise money to be on the Clippers, he would, but that's not allowed and "I don't want to embarrass LeBron," he writes on his Indiegogo page.

So, he's settling for raising money to own an NBA team.

To motivate fans to donate to his campaign, Hall writes, "NOTHING WOULD MAKE DONALD STERLING MORE ANGRY THAN IF I OWNED THE TEAM!"

Hall has until June 24 to raise $1 billion via Indiegogo but if he doesn't reach that total, all of the contributions raised during the campaign will go to the NAACP.

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"So let's take back the Clippers, or at the very least help make the world a better place, and really make a racist mad in the process!," Hall writes. "Help me put YOUR money where MY mouth is."

Perks available to fans who donate to Hall's campaign include having your name on the Dawg Pound wall at Hall's studio; a Vine, tweet or hand-written "thank you" note from Hall; VIP tickets to the show; and various on-air acknowledgements of your contribution, including in a graphic or on-air mention, an on-air phone call or Skype interview, Hall getting a temporary tattoo of your name across his lower back, getting to introduce Hall on the show, writing a joke for Hall, having a song written about you and performed by Hall's band and getting to be Hall's sidekick for an entire show (available for one contribution of $100,000).

And Hall notes that more perks will be added "in the coming days."

The NBA is currently working to remove Sterling as the owner of the Clippers following the emergence of an audio recording in which Sterling is heard making racist remarks.

Another Hollywood star who's expressed interest in buying the team is Oprah Winfrey, who's looking to purchase the Clippers as part of a consortium with fellow moguls David Geffen and Larry Ellison.

Watch Hall pitch his campaign in the video below.