• Many consider video games as mere escapism, but for a dedicated group of online role-playing gamers, virtual reality can merge with daily life in surprising and enlightening ways. As these gamers walk to work, or wait on line at the supermarket, they carry with them the fantastical creatures and mythological worlds of their video-game lives. In Avatar Days, this blending of worlds is made literal: using advanced 3D technologies and motion-capture animation, the film brings players' in-game characters to life. Armoured giants sit hunched over computers in sparsely furnished offices; a scantily clad elf operates a crane at a construction site; a few blocks away, a wizard waits for a train. A glimpse into the rich interior lives of everyday people, the film illuminates the power of imagination to transform the mundane.

  • Director Biography:

    Gavin Kelly is a commercials director and animation/VFX supervisor from Ireland. He is a founding partner of Piranha Bar, a creative studio in Dublin known for its VFX and animation work. Avatar Days (2010), his first short, gained worldwide recognition with awards in London and Paris and festival selection in the US, going on to attract more than a million views online.

    Recently, Kelly has worked as supervising animator on Last Hijack (2014), a live action/animation feature documentary about Somali pirates. Working with the US director Tommy Pallotta, Kelly developed the 'Paintmation' look of the sequences, combining oil-painted backgrounds with 3D animation in an analogue/digital hybrid.

    Kelly continues to create commercials for brands such as Coors Light, Budweiser, Vodafone, Guinness, BMW, and Jameson while developing a second short film.

  • Director: Gavin Kelly
  • Producer: Dave Burke
  • Editor: Paul Giles
  • Cinematographer: Fergal O'Hanlon
  • Original Music: Steve Lynch
  • Running Time: 4 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Website: www.piranhabar.ie