Beer Pong Ball Washer Solves Every Undergrad's Worst Nightmare

There's two problems with beer pong. First: drinking beer blessed by a ball that's been rolling around on an undergrad apartment floor. Second: the lack of Kickstarter daydream machines to solve problem number one. Behold the solution to exactly one of those problems: the Clean Cup.

Yes, if you're the kind of person for whom beer pong isn't just a fad you grew out of the moment you graduated, this Kickstarter promises to give you a battery-operated device that uses "a combination of a high pressure stream of water and bursts of air to ensure full cleaning coverage."

The sober among us will note the complete lack of any disinfecting, scrubbing, or otherwise yuck-reducing function in the above description. But then again, this doodad isn't for the sober among us. True, the Clean Cup does feature "a removable and reusable filter to catch all of those nasties and unwanted chunks that are rinsed off your dirty balls." So it does the same basic cleaning job as that filthy rinse cup at the center of the table, just, like, without actually showing you the floating hairs and sunken dust bunnies.

Does the fact that I can only see faults in this device indicate that I've grown old? Don't answer that. [Kickstarter]