We haven't seen the much-anticipated iPhone 6 as yet, but that hasn't stopped accessory manufacturers from already getting ready for the storm of orders that are expected to hit the minute it is announced. The design and branding geniuses at Brikk have already announced the launch of their gorgeous Lux iPhone 6 line. While the iPhone is already a status symbol, Brikk's Lux line, with its unmatched opulence, takes it to the next level. The Lux iPhone 6 line offers 14 beautiful luxury versions of the iPhone 6. Available with the 4.7-inch, 128GB model, you can choose from 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold and pure platinum. With the Premium Diamond version, each of these can be further embellished with over a carat of perfect white diamonds, which will be used to add some bling to the familiar Apple logo. You can get non-plated versions of the original Black and White iPhone embellished with a diamond logo. Each of this is meticulously hand-assembled in their state of the art laboratory.

The Lux iPhone 6 line by Brikk is already available for pre-order here on their official online store. The prices range from $4,495 for the plated models, to $8,395 for the plated diamond logo models. Expect to receive your Lux iPhone three to four weeks after the release of the Apple iPhone.