Wow. In New York, both maps have only 15% percent of their place labels in common! And in London, it's even lower—at just 13%!

So, "How often were the same places shown on both maps?"

Not often at all.

And once again, the maps are very different from each other!

*   *   *

So as we just saw, the maps don't seem to label the same exact places. But do they generally show the same kinds of places?

Let's look at that next…


Do Google Maps & Apple Maps Label the Same Kinds of Places?

In a dense city like New York, there's so many different kinds of places: hospitals, parks, homes, schools, grocery stores, fire stations, skyscrapers, government buildings, cathedrals, universities—the list goes on and on, and it's seemingly endless.

Take the maps below: there are thousands of different places that could've been labeled on either of these maps: