AT_Book-Collections.jpgPositioned on coffee tables and color coded on bookshelves, books are frequently used as props in home decor. It is a trend that is viewed by some as a decorating cliché and by others as an attractive way of displaying beloved volumes. Done in moderation, organizing your collection by size and color can add a bit of tidiness to a room, but would you buy your books just based on the covers? One Etsy seller caters to those who do.

At the online shop Jaysworld Vintage Book Decor, books can be bought in preselected collections based on color and font style. Collections such as "Vintage Gray Blue Shades" (seen above) are groupings of books sold with the intention of being shown off together on a bookshelf or coffee table.

What do you think? Helpful service or overdone trend?

More Info: Jaysworld Vintage Book Decor.

(Image: Jaysworld Vintage Book Decor)