We here at Motherboard like to write about awesome mods for the original Doom games, and the new "DooW" mod will turn your world upside down. Or, at least, it turns the game's world upside down.

The work of modder DeXiaZ, the April Fools' mod literally flips the world on end, so that the floor is the roof and the roof is the floor. Not just that, it also flips the text on the menus, the credits, and the user interface. Even the music seems to have been "flipped."

YouTuber Icarusliv3s recently posted a video showing what this looks like in action, and it's fun watching him attempting to jump up to catch powerups and making a faithful leap to attempt to walk on the sky. (Spoiler alert: It works.) Icarusliv3s also points out some of the quirks of the flipover, such as how DooW is sometimes rough to navigate and getting through it heavily relies on already being familiar with the locations of the switches in the original Doom.

"Maybe this is what that other realm in Stranger Things is actually meant to be," Icarusliv3s says. "This is the real 'Upside Down.' Those kids don't stand a goddamn chance against all these flipped-over demons."

This isn't the first time DeXiaZ has created a crazy Doom mod like this. The previous one, called DooD, made mirror images of all levels and interface elements. It was much more disorienting than DooW.

Up for flippin' over this newest challenge? Download it here.