Three people have been killed and one injured in a shooting near the Jewish museum in Brussels city centre.

Two bodies were photographed near the entrance to the museum after the attack on Saturday. Police said the gunman still had not been arrested and was still at large.

"I am shocked by the murders committed at the Jewish museum, I am thinking of the victims I saw there and their families," the Belgian foreign minister, Didier Reynders, said on Twitter.

Al Jazeera's Simon McGregor-Wood, reporting from Brussels, said: "A gunman drove up to the entrance and started shooting. A man and a woman were shot just within the doorway."

"The perpetrator is still at large, and has not been caught by police."

Pierre Meys, a spokesman for the fire brigade, told French channel BFM TV: "According to the information we have at the moment, it was a solitary shooter and it seems to have happened inside the museum. 

"There were a lot of witnesses and the investigation is moving fast."

Police closed off the area around the museum, near the centre of Brussels, the AP news agency reported.

Belgium's interior minister, Joelle Milquet, said on Belgian television: "All of this can lead to suspicions of an act of anti-Semitism."