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Bonus! All of them are available on Amazon and come with free shipping.

Affordable and user-friendly, the Ticwatch 2 is packed with features that will simplify your life.

And, thanks to Amazon's free two-day shipping, you can get a few of these in time for a Fourth Of July cookout.

As they say: the clothes don't make the man, the thoughtfully-chosen, in-ear headphones do.

If you're (already) tired of living in the humid hellscape that is your air conditionless home, invest in an A/C unit. Because no, those extra fans are not going to cut it.

Brilliant notions that became even better products, from wireless earphones to speed trap warning devices.

Allow us to hook you up with nine eBooks covering everything from web dev to software engineering.

You're looking for gift? Pleased to meet you, Looking Foragift, we're Digg dot com. And if you liked* (*audibly groaned at) that, you're going to love these dad-approved gifts that will arrive by Father's Day.

Hop into that DeLorean, because we're going back to the future, Doc.

We believe the children are our future and that their graduation gift wish lists are dope as hell.

Your dad called, and he asked for you to get him something from this list. Also to call your mother.

Come on in, the water feels great.

Robot vacuums are great for setting animals atop and creating viral videos. But, turns out, they're also pretty good for cleaning your house.

That's our best stuff for today. Great job!
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