By Dorothy Tan, 26 Mar 2017

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Dutch art movement De Stijl—which included artists like Piet Mondrian, Bart van der Leck, Gerrit Rietveld—The Hague decided to dress up as Mondrian's iconic painting.

Developed by creative agency studio VOLLAERSZWART, this "citydressing" campaign features the largest Mondrian painting in the world—it could be found on the facade of the Dutch city's striking City Hall.

Over the last few weeks, more buildings in The Hague have undergone a "Mondrian metamorphosis"—the result is the creative use of red, blue and yellow color blocks to turn the entire city into a recreation of the world famous painting.

Scroll down, or head over here, to view more images of buildings dressed up as a Mondrian painting.

[via studio VOLLAERSZWART]