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A bustling medical university. The soaring minarets of the alTahwid mosque. A lush public park. It's a picture of a thriving metropolis, captured from an aerial drone and set to the theme from HBOs Game of Thrones.Released by Syria's Ministry of Tourism, the video titled Aleppo: Will of Life appears aimed at showing that life goes as normal in the government-held areas of the city. It's not clear when the video was shot.A short distance away in the rebel-held east of the city, drone images obtained by Reuteurs show a very different picture. Entire city blocks reduced to crumbling shells by airstrikes. Roads cratered by ground-penetrating ordnance.Eastern Aleppo and its estimated 250,000 remaining residents have been under siege since early September. Hundreds of bombs from Syrian and Russian aircraft have fallen on the area since the collapse of a brief ceasefire one week ago.SOT MEMBER OF CIVIL DEFENCE, ISMAIL ABDALLAH: "The Russian attack on Aleppo is ongoing. Multiple raids target the city daily. Here they used cluster bombs on al Ansari neighbourhood resulting in burning two buildings completely. "In heavy fighting, Syrian regime forces have made advances on two fronts in Aleppo in recent days – claiming to have recaptured a key hospital and a former Palestinian refugee camp in the north of the city that rebels had held since 2013.

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