You remember that time you told your friends you felt up a girl at summer camp, but that they totally didn’t know her? Or that time you Frenched that super cute boy, but since he’s from Canada, they’d never met?

People still lie about this stuff. Why else would, a Brazil-based website that offers fake online girlfriends, exist?

NamoroFake, which roughly translates to fake dating, offers deals that vary based on how legit you want your fake girlfriend to be. For a fee, the site creates a Facebook profile complete with comments and relationship statuses for up to 30 days. Though this may seem a little desperate, this could be the perfect revenge to amp up your ex’s jealousy factor.

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Ladies, don’t feel left out. Although not currently an option, the site says it will soon provide fake boyfriends for you too — it’s a two-way street.

As you determine if this is the best thing you’ve ever seen, or if it’s the saddest, let’s be reminded of Ryan Gosling’s run-in with a fake girlfriend.


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