Fired US Attorney Bharara Was Reportedly Investigating Trump Cabinet Member, And Other Trump News From Today

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Friday, March 17th. Day 57.

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Top Stories

  • House Vote On Obamacare Replacement Bill Set For Next Thursday
    • The Republican leadership is working furiously to whip votes for the bill, including making some key revisions, in hopes of passing the bill through the house next Thursday — the 7-year anniversary of the signing of the ACA into law. The right-wing House Freedom Caucus cautioned Friday that the revisions still aren't enough to get the votes of its members. 
    • Even if it passes the house, the bill faces potentially fatal opposition from GOP senators.
  • US Reportedly Formally Apologizes To UK Over Wiretapping Allegations
    • In the wake of Sean Spicer's allegations at Thursday's press conference that GCHQ, the UK's spy agency, may have been wiretapping Donald Trump at President Obama's behest, both Spicer and National Security Adviser HR McMaster have reportedly apologized to Britain and assured Britain the claims will not be made again.
    • Meanwhile, Trump appeared to double down on his wiretapping claims again during his joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  • Tensions Grow With North Korea During Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson's Trip To Asia

Other Stories

  • Fired US Attorney Preet Bharara Was Reportedly Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price ProPublica
  • Trump Appears To Deny Handshake To German Chancellor Angela Merkel During White House Visit Twitter
  • GOP Rep. Says Trump Should Apologize To Obama Over Wiretapping Allegations Politico
  • Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Support Path To Citizenship For Undocumented Immigrants CNN
  • White House Sends Out Parody Piece "Praising" Trump Budget Proposal In Press Release Twitter

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