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This story is almost as difficult to relay as it is totally out of left field.

Okay, so three months ago we showed you the amazing painting from FSU student Lena NW, depicting Heisman winner and national champion Jameis Winston getting blown by a Pike fraternity member (poor Pike). It had some other crazy shit going on, too, like a rock hard Winston on hands and knees about to take a Heisman strap-on up the poop chute (possibly unwillingly). There's also a king crab FSU supporter chilling and enthusiastically taking in the whole fucked up scene. It's out there, but it's fantastic.

Lena NW, the artist behind this bizarro masterpiece, allegedly matched Winston on Tinder recently. As a result, they had a lengthy discussion. Their conversation, which appears below in its entirety, covers a myriad of interesting topics, each one more eye-popping than its predecessor. Topics touched on include: rape, sexual preference, the Pike-Winston painting, sodomy, a music video in which Lena is attempting to recruit Winston to make an appearance, Jameis' dick size, and fellatio.

The most prominent topic of their conversation, however, was Lena's rap song. Yes, artist Lena is also rapper Lena. The lyrics can be seen below. Again, I want to be clear, this Tinder account allegedly belongs to Winston.


Take it all in before we move on. It's a lot to process, I know, and I want you focused before moving on to this next part.

We good? Okay, let's move on.

There's something else you don't yet know about Lena NW. She's no one, or even two, trick pony. The artist/rapper is also an app developer. Her app, Fuck Everything–yes, her app is called Fuck Everything–apparently does many things, most of which I'm clueless about, but if I know Lena like I think I do, it's worth checking out. You can read her app thesis HERE.

One of Fuck Everything's features is its ability to capture Tinder conversations in a scrolling format, which is where the above image comes from. It also allows the user to accompany the Tinder conversation with music. Naturally, Lena accompanied her Jameis Winston Tinder conversation about her Jameis Winston rap song with her Jameis Winston rap song.

Click the below link to visit Fuck Everything and listen to Lena rapping about Jameis Winston getting sodomized. Warning: her song is fucking FIRE.