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Monday, March 13th, 2017. Day 53.

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Top Stories

+ Congressional Budget Office Releases Report On TrumpCare — Projects 24 Million Fewer People Would Have Healthcare By 2026   ABC

+ Trump Administration Seeking To Loosen Military Restrictions Meant To Prevent Civilian Deaths The New York Times

+ Democratic Senators Threaten Shutdown Over Wall And Planned Parenthood IJR

+ Trump Holds Listening Session With 'Victims' Of Obamacare Fox News

+ Disorganized Trump Team Leads To 'Slowest Transition In Decades' The New York Times

    — Trump Administration Slow To Appoint Scientists The Washington Post

+ Federal Judge Blocks Application Of New Travel Ban To Syrian Family Reuters

+ Rupert Murdoch Nudges Fox Pro-Trump And Trump Returns The Favor — Fires Attorney Investigating Network New York Magazine

    — Obama-Era Attorneys Line Up To Fight Trump Reuters

+ President Trump Expected To Propose Historic Cuts To Federal Workforce This Week The Washington Post

    — Sean Spicer Says President Trump To Sign Order To 'Reorganize' The Federal Government ABC

+ Kellyanne Conway Says She's Seen No Evidence To Prove Trump's Wiretapping Claims, Says Microwaves Turn Into Cameras Digg

    — John McCain Calls On Donald Trump To Either Retract Or Substantiate Wiretapping Claims CNN

    — Today Is The Deadline For The Justice Department To Turn Over Any Evidence Supporting Trump's Claims Of Wiretapping NBC

Trump Administration Refusing To Respond To Questions On Whether Trump Has Donated His Salary Yet NBC

    — Sean Spicer Says President Trump Intends To Donate Salary At The End Of The Year, Will Let Americans Decide Where To Twitter

Other Stories

+ President Trump Unfollows 'Morning Joe' Hosts On Twitter Death And Taxes

+ Sean Spicer Gets Ambushed By Angry Periscoper At The Apple Store Digg

+ Trump's Media Support Group Slow To Start Amid Power Struggle Politico 

+ President Trump To Host Chinese President Xi Jinping At Mar-A-Lago In April Axios

Trump's Tweets

After Kellyanne Conway gave a series of interviews Monday morning, President Trump seemingly responded to early media criticism of the appearances. 


Trump also tweeted in support of the TrumpCare bill, which is anticipated to take a blow today when the Congressional Budget Office released it's analysis of the legislation.


Here's What Happened Friday.


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