In case you were in any doubt that elaborate drinking games are a pastime enjoyed by historically insensitive goons, yes, "Jews vs. Nazis" beer pong is a real thing. It's just like normal beer pong, except the cups are set in a slightly different configuration. Beautiful, really:

Because this @HSConfessional post was retweeted and favorited thousands of times, we may now have a full-blown moral panic on our hands—even if the rabbi interviewed in this TV news segment declines to express shock, describing the game's fans as "immature, with no ill intent."

Indeed, "becoming an issue" is putting it strongly when it comes to "Jews vs. Nazis," a sport whose existence is well-documented on social media going back to at least 2011. 

The photo causing the current uproar, incidentally, is well over a year old.

So: is this a new, dangerous, anti-Semitic (or pro-Nazi) trend? No, just a dumb old one that hasn't yet died out. Until it does, be thankful your kids are getting trashed on good old-fashioned beer instead of attending pharming parties, choking each other for fun, or taking part in whatever teen phenomenon the media is overreporting (if not manufacturing) of late.

Also: Go Jews!

Photo via @AaronSmiith/Twitter