Hype is relative. It solely revolves around what's next. We are so fickle and crave the next best thing so badly that we are willing to completely uproot whatever we've previously established in order to recreate what we—or what we think others—consider hype.

The word is constantly used in the sneaker world, spawning the moniker "hypebeast" to describe those who live and die by what's coming. And while it rarely sticks for long, "hyped" sneakers are a constantly moving target for brands hoping to be lucky enough to be caught in the commotion, reaching to make the next covetable sneaker with limited production, flashy details, or a celebrity co-sign. But, only we can truly determine that. Every year—hell, sometimes every week—yields new results, so to expect those who follow the hype to not abide by its unfair rules—by paying resell prices or constantly tracking the societal value of certain sneakers—is silly. But, the truth of the matter is: Hype might change us, but we can dictate the hype just as much. It's a constant ouroboros, and the hype sneaker world wouldn't have it any other way. This is a breakdown of what was most hype and how it got there in the last 10 years.