Travel rewards blogger Ramy Wahby recently flew first class from Hong Kongto New York City for only $76 — and a lot of points.

Wahby is an engineer who also runs the blog Points Pointers to help people learn how to make points work to their advantage.

Using 70,000 air miles from Alaska Airlines, which he had accrued with his credit cards, Wahby only paid an additional $76 to experience 16 hours in Cathay Pacific's first class. The Cathay Pacific flight would have cost $18,000 if Wahby had booked it directly.

Wahby showed up to the airport seven hours before his flight to take advantage of the different Cathay Pacific lounges. In his travel vlog, he details all the different amenities available, even before takeoff. Passengers in the airline's Wing lounge can draw a bath or rinse off with a rainfall shower.

Once onboard the plane, Wahby examined the seat, sampled the menu and ordered champagne and caviar. His bed became a seat and Wahby slept away the flight like he was in his bed at home.

In order to accrue his points for this trip, Wahby said he opened several Alaska Airlines Bank of America credit cards, each with a signing bonus of 25,000 points.

The flight was a part of a weekend jaunt to Hong Kong, paid for mostly with credit card points. Wahby estimates that he paid just $140 to experience $27,000 worth of luxury.

"Flying first class with Cathay Pacific Airlines was my favorite experience - from the multiple different lounges to the amount of private space you're provided with, I was blown away," Wahby told the Daily Mail.

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