Not only does Jill Abramson have to endure speculation about her departure from the Times, she also has to live with the question of what will happen to her tattoo of the signature T logo.

In the spirit of solutions, the Cut asked several tattoo artists across north Brooklyn how Abramson could conceal it. "If I was her, I'd [get] a really nice tattoo from some famous artist where I had a piece of his artwork that would also work as a cover-up," says Gavan Daly of Williamsburg's Magic Cobra Tattoo Society. "Cover-ups suck. You are erasing a bad memory—your racist, nightmare husband that you were married to, or some other bad connotation."

Cover-up tattoos are typically two to three times the size of the original tattoo — and artists encourage people to think about fish, feathers, or petals. "The thing about a cover-up is you don't want to make it look like cover-up," Daly says. "You want to draw the eye away from it or disguise it as the intentional dark piece." Click through our slideshow for four local artists' suggestions for how Abramson could cover her Times tattoo.