It's not necessarily new for an interviewer to throw in a curveball to keep a candidate on their toes. It happened to me: While applying for college I was asked what sort of light fixture I would be.

But it's become a new norm in Silicon Valley to have nontraditional paths toward hopeful employment: Weird questions, special tests, the whole nine yards. Someone in 2015 was interviewing for a job at Airbnb and was supposedly asked, "What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash?"

This sort of weird question is meant to throw people off and get them to think on their toes. But Airbnb isn't the only company employing new tactics to bring in new and interesting talent. Over the last several years, as the technology job gold rush has continued, companies have been working on devising new ways to not only bring in new talent but have those vying for positions inventively show their worth.