Obama voters are camping meditators who like Samsung and Visa, and like Paranormal Activity as well as The Colbert Report. Romney voters are quilting gun owners who shop at Walmart, eat at McDonalds, and watch — believe it or not — Atlas Shrugged, the movie.

(Actually, that’s got to be better than reading the book — I’ve read all thousand-plus pages, and have the scars to prove it.)

These are a few political stereotypes that may have some basis in fact — since they’re what Compass Labs, the social media advertising company, found when researching the likes and profile interests of Facebook users who are fans of President Obama, Mitt Romney, and the two main American political parties.

One particularly interesting point is that while Obama has over 28 million Facebook fans, Romney’s 6.5 million fans are five times as engaged: posting more, liking more, and sharing more.

The numbers are somewhat reversed, however, for Democratic Party fans. They’re 46 percent engaged, compared to Republican Party fans who are only 34 percent engaged.

Here’s the full infographic:

photo credit: fabbriciuse via photo pin cc