Enable Cognitive Computing Features In Your App Using IBM Watson's Language, Vision, Speech and Data APIs.

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What will you build with Watson?

Our new announcements expand the Watson Platform to make it the industry's largest portfolio of cognitive APIs.

  • Bring your own data
  • Engage users with cognitive APIs
  • Gain more insights from unstructured text, video, photos and speech

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Watson Announcements

The Building Blocks

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Gain insights, extract value, and learn more from any written content

made clear.

Watson isn't just sound or text – check out what it can do for your images

Build, run, and scale with Bluemix

Bringing together the world's most popular source projects with over 100 additional services, including IBM Watson, Bluemix is a cloud platform for running modern apps.

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How can Watson services work with my business?

Learn about the many ways Watson can help transform your business

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Case Study

Watson services are even better combined

Check out what happens when the IBM Watson Question & Answer API pairs with Twilio's SMS API to
answer your health questions

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NYC School Finder
News Explorer
Speak Up

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