The history of drugs and popular music is a well known story. We've all heard the alcohol soaked guitar riffs of Keith Richards or the heroin inspired sax solos of Charlie Parker. But what about the Symphonie Fantastique written by opium user and classical composer Hector Berlioz in 1830?

Forget Pink Floyd, that was the original psychedelic musical experience. Classical music has its own history of drug use, one which the residents of Colorado will soon play a part.  

The Colorado Symphony kicks off their musical series, "Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series" tonight. It's a private fundraising series in partnership with Denver's growing and newly-legal marijuana industry. In accordance with Denver City laws, the concerts do not allow participants to "Bring Your Own Bud," but there is an assumption that much of the audience will be stoned. 

Scott O'Niel is the resident conductor of the Colorado Symphony. He'll be picking the music for the events, so we decided to pick his brain about mixing high art with a high audience.