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Multitasking dramatically got redesigned with iOS 7. With iOS 8, Multitasking added a shortcut to the people who are most important to you. In this how to, I will discuss customizing the people that appear at the top, using multitasking to contact your important people, as well as disabling it.

By default, the app switcher is designed to display pictures of your contacts in your address book. Chances are most users do not have pictures assigned to their contacts. As you can tell, I am guilty of this.

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To add the photos to the persons'  vCard, you have two options. The first option is to find the photo of the person in the Photos app. Then you are going to press the Share button, the one with the blue square and arrow sticking up in the lower left hand corner. Then you are going to press on the word Next in the upper right hand corner in blue. Then you choose Assign to Contact down in the lower right hand corner. This opens up your address book so that way you can assign the photo to the person. There are options to resize and move the image to fit.

The other method to assign a photo to a persons'  vCard is to find them in your Contacts app. Then press on the word Edit in blue in the upper right hand corner. Pressing on the word add photo in the circle next to the contacts name will give you the option to either take a photo of the person, or to choose an already existing photo in the Photo app.

By doing these steps, now your contact has a picture in the Contacts app, as well as having a picture displayed in the app switcher.

There are two different categories of people that are displayed in the app switcher: Recents and Favorites. Recents are the people you have contacted most recently. These people appear first when opening the app switcher and the order will change based on the frequency you contact them. The app switcher always displays the seven most recent people. Favorite people are the contacts you designate as being favorite on your iPhone. To do so, open up the Phone app, and press on Favorites located on the left hand corner. Then pressing the plus button pulls up your contacts, and you can choose who you want to be a favorite.

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In the app switcher, swiping from left to right will show you your contacts that are in your favorites.

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If you want to contact any of the people that are in the app switcher, tapping on the person's name reveals options to give them a phone call, text them, use FaceTime or use FaceTime Audio.


To disable having your contacts in the app switcher, open up Settings and scroll down until you see Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Then scroll down until you see Show in App Switcher, which is turned on by default. Tapping on it gives you options. You can either turn off both Phone Favorites and Recents, or just turn off one of them.