Jim Irsay has a perfectly good explanation for why he had mountains of cash on him when he was arrested. He's just a great guy who likes helping people!

When Jim Irsay was arrested in March for DUI with several prescription medications in his vehicle, it was also noted that the Colts owner also had $29,000 in cash with him, prompting many to ask exactly why Jim Irsay had $29,000 in cash on him.

Since then, Irsay has been on a quest to make it seem normal for him to have $29,000 cash on him. At Colts training camp, he showed up with a stack of $100 bills and just started handing them out to people:

Previously, Irsay had shown Indy Star reporter Bob Kravitz a briefcase of $100 bills during an interview, explaining that he is "extremely generous."

Being extremely wealthy seems fun, and not just because you get to be extremely wealthy. Irsay committed a crime, and thus far has walked away without any of the punishment the players on his team would almost certainly receive from the NFL for the same crime. Now, he's taken the opportunity to spin his crime as a mere byproduct of his generosity. He wants us to know that he's like a modern-day Robin Hood, throwing his followers cash because that's just what he does. Well played, Irsay.

That said, every sports owner could totally afford to have a money cannon at games instead of a t-shirt cannon and totally should.