Ken Bone has some skeletons in the closet.

The meme-generating, red sweater wearing Illinois man who gained immense Internet popularity after posing a question about energy policy during the second presidential debate invited people to an "Ask Me Anything" Reddit session Thursday night.

But the man who took the Internet by storm last week appears to have forgotten to clean up some of his arguably questionable previous posts.

Using the handle StanGibson18, the up until now beloved Bone said in a post on the discussion website from four months ago that the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin "was justified."

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Bone called the fatal shooting of Martin "justified."

Bone called the fatal shooting of Martin "justified."


Martin, 17, was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on the eve of Feb. 26 while walking home from a convenience store. Zimmerman, who was never convicted, fatally shot Martin in the chest, claiming the unarmed teenager posed a threat. The tragic shooting made national headlines and sparked the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bone cleaned up his "justified" line slightly by in the same breath pointing out that Zimmerman seems like "a big ole s–t bird."

"Bad guy legally kills kid in self-defense," Bone said in the post. "Sucks for everybody, including us due to the media f—ery."

Bone might not have an easy time selling t-shirts after this. 

(Ken Bone via Twitter)

In some of his more salacious posts, Bone discusses his liking for pregnant women – who he referred to as "beautiful human submarines" on an NSFW thread called "PreggoPorn" – and the benefits of getting a vasectomy.

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"I had mine done 2 years ago. Sexual satisfaction is way up," Bone wrote. "My wife loves it too…Can't recommend it enough."

In another post, the master of the "Bone Zone" admitted to forging insurance documents so that he could keep a pizza delivery job.

Ken Bone "can't recommend (vasectomies) enough."

Ken Bone "can't recommend (vasectomies) enough."


"I forged documents to make it look like I had car insurance so I wouldn't get fired," he said. "Can't say how I did them, I don't know how long the statute of limitations is on that."

Bone recently struck a pitchman deal with Uber. The car service company told the Daily News Bone is receiving service credit for advertising its new "Uber Select" service over Twitter.

Representatives for Uber did not immediately return requests for comment about Bone's Reddit posts. 

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