With marriage equality expanding internationally and more U.S. states approving anti-discrimination legislation, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is gradually gaining new levels of validity and recognition in the eyes of the mainstream public slowly, but with certainty.

Given that ever-growing list of global LGBT victories, it's easy to overlook how difficult life can be for teens and young adults who are still coming to terms with their sexuality. What follows is a heartbreaking collection of youth submissions from the Whisper app, which allows users to express themselves anonymously.

According to Whisper's Head Of News Slade Sohmer, the series is comprised of user submissions from Fredericksburg, Virginia; Avalon, Pennsylvania; and Vass, North Carolina; others came from Ireland and Saudi Arabia, among other locations.

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I told my mom I
I told my mom I
Today I told my dad I
I told my parents i am trans two months ago...mom is still mad and tells me to volunteer and go to church :(
when i was finally comfortable and accepting myself about my sexuality my mom said "who the fuck wants a gay son or a lesbian daughter? thats embarrasing!"
I introduced my boyfriend to my dad and he calls him my "friend" because he doesn
That moment when ur mom tells u that she hates u because ur gay  17/M/gay
Well came out to my parents today and my mom is mad...and I don
My birthday is in a couple of days and today I told my parents that I
I came out to my parents August 2011 and they still don
Today I told my parents I
My parents don
I told my family I
I told my parents I
I told my mom I
I told my mom that... I
I told my dad that I
My dad doesn
When i was six I knew I was different.  When I was 18 i told my parents that I
I was going to come out to my parents tomorrow.  But, today i heard them have a conversation about how "absolutely disgusting gay people are" Looks like I
Just not long ago i got insulted by my dad saying well if you weren
10 years ago my dad kicked me out because I told my family that I