Last Thursday, a list of alleged rapists appeared inside the stall of a Hamilton bathroom, and was subsequently removed. Now, the same list has been discovered in a Lerner bathroom stall.

A tipster sent us the above photo of a second-floor women's bathroom stall in Lerner at 5:30, pointing out that there were multiple instances of the names in the same bathroom.

By the time we arrived at 6:30, the bathrooms had already been scrubbed clean to remove all traces of the writing. Facilities personnel and Lerner employees were seen entering and exiting the bathroom, and when questioned, one of them admitted to having recently cleaned the stalls.

Public safety officers stood nearby, suggesting that the writing of the names would be seen as an act of vandalism as previously mentioned. However, since students are not required to swipe their IDs to access the bathroom, only security footage would be able to identify the writers.

Unlike the previous list, which was written in different colors and handwriting, this list appears to have been written by a single person. The series of events is reminiscent of a similar list of alleged rapists that appeared inside the stalls of various Brown University bathrooms in 1990. Brown attempted to remove each list, but like its Columbia successor, students re-copied the names faster than they could be taken down.

Columbia University did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Daniel Held, Executive Director of Communications for Facilities, stated that the previous incident was being treated as graffiti, which connotes disciplinary and potentially legal consequences for the perpetrator.

If you see another instance of the list, tip us photos and locations at [email protected]


Reporting by Sean Augustine-Obi