The Neu Jorker

Welcome to The Neu Jorker, an hommage d'triomphe, a "'send-up'" of New York's most stimulating, mid-to-high-brow magazine. The Neu Jorker is a digital-only download and free to the public:

also available in high-res (via Dropbox or Scribd)
& as full spreads in lo-res and high-res (via Dropbox or Scribd)

The Neu Jorker comes from the hearts and minds of:
Andrew Lipstein (founder of 0s&1s, director of communications at Meural)
James Folta (writer and comedian, @jamesfolta).

Contributors' credits include The OnionClickHoleThe New Yorker, the Late Show with David Letterman, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, McSweeney's, the Upright Citizens Brigade & more. For the full list of writers, illustrators and cartoonists, take a peek inside.

Got something to say? Get in touch: neujorker [at] gmail [dot] com.