Louis C.K., the People’s Comedian, unfortunately wrapped up his brilliant 14-show New York City homestand by canceling the final performances at the City Center on the eve of Sandy’s landfall. Sandy, what a CK-blocker.

The hurricane-cum-superstorm may have forced two sold-out crowds to wait for Louis’ March return date, but it also made for good fodder for Saturday Night Live, which Louis C.K. hosted this week. The Sandy-infused SNL promos were pitch-perfect, and the cold open involving NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, his world-famous sign language interpreter Lydia Callis, and their New Jersey counterparts was spot on, as tasteful as it was funny.

But the best sketch of the night, and without a doubt the best sketch of 2012 for SNL, featured Louis as Abraham Lincoln as Louie. This sketch may blow your mind all over the room, just as Lincoln’s did once.

Interesting turn, considering Louis C.K. totally fought in the Civil War.



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Sign language cold open:

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Opening monologue, which fans who attended Louis’ show will tell you, was ripped from the stage and delivered here too quickly, but effectively:


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Some Fox & Friends hilarity, and hopefully someone transcribed the list of corrections like we did last time:


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