Yachts offer incredible luxury on the sea, and the Italian company CRN has produced one that's unlike any of its kind. The 196-foot vessel is named the J'Ade and is the first to feature a floating garage. This innovative addition enables the owner to store and access a 26-foot speedboat without the use of a tender lift. Its hydraulic-operated bay can dry out in three minutes and then be transformed into a terrace-accessible ocean pool.

The J'Ade is designed to feel at one with the sea, and it boasts special full-height windows that offer breath-taking, panoramic views of the ocean. Recently featured at 2014 Monaco Yacht Show, it was also a finalist in the interior design award category. Zuccon International Project crafted the space with a classical focus but modern touches; leather, marble, metals, and wood all adorn the space.

There's enough room for 13 crew members and 10 guests, and the J'Ade includes four decks and an outdoor dining table that can cater up to 14 people. For entertainment, an audio/video system is set up throughout. With the views, innovative garage, and gorgeous interior, we'd love to be passengers on this ship!

CRN Yacht website and Zuccon International Project website