Given that most attempts to "play Breaking Bad at home" generally turn out like this, Joanne Silverman has performed a genuine community service by turning the AMC drama into a board game—specifically Monopoly, whose aspects of empire-building and resenting your family translate quite naturally to the world of Breaking Bad. Inspired by the similar Lostopoly, Silverman’s Methopoly board (available for free download here) features all your favorite properties and amenities to buy on the way to becoming a ruthless kingpin—Los Pollos Hermanos, bottles of hydrofluoric acid—while replacing the Community Chest and Chance cards with “Heisenberg” and “Bell” (as in Hector Salamanca-ringing) cards featuring in-game events like “Hank Sells His Mineral Collection; You Get $50” and the inevitable “Yo, Collect $100 Bitch.”

You’ll still have to fashion your own player pieces, though Silverman also offers a few recommendations there, such as using a chunk of blue meth. Fake meth, of course. Again, we’re just playing a board game here. [via UPROXX]