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It was reported yesterday that some of the young "Outlaw Instagrammers" of NYC had been arrested following a climb of 432 Park Avenue, a building projected to be the second tallest in Manhattan and the tallest residential building in the city.

The "Outlaw Instagrammers" are a once-underground society of young teenagers and 20-somethings; adventurers with cell phones and photo-sharing accounts who scale buildings and bridges in an attempt to get the perfect photograph.


What they do is against the law, risky, and life-threatening, but the pictures they take are beautiful.

After we published the story of a 17-year-old's arrest for climbing 432 Park Avenue, a user by name of @Night.Shift emailed Business Insider to say he was with user @demidism at the time of the arrest, sending along a video of the two climbing the building (you can see that in full at the bottom of the post.)

Outlaw InstagrammerNight.Shift

In @night.shift's own words to Business Insider (edited for grammar),

One night me and my friend Demid were walking around Midtown with no plans. We walked down Park Avenue and the construction site at 432 Park just caught our attention. I remember us both kind of jokingly saying "hey we should climb that!" Eventually we stopped talking about it and made plans to actually do it.

About 2 weeks ago we made our way up to the top.

We simply snuck pass the security and walked up the 90+ sets of stairs. When we made it to the top it was so foggy since it had been raining that day. It looked so cool to be above the clouds. We decided to keep going and climbed to the top of the crane, and from there we shot our photos.

The feeling there was amazing. I've never been that high up; it was so quiet and didn't have that common " New York city smell" in the air. The pictures we took don't justify the feeling you get from being up there.

We eventually left by running down the 90+ sets of stairs just before work hours started, and at that point I though we were free. Although me and Demid where taken from our homes by police and arrested, it was all worth it — the view for that place costs millions of dollars and we got it for free (well besides any charges being pressed.) It was a once in a life time opportunity. 

"My mom's pretty mad at me," the 15-year-old admitted to Business Insider in a phone call.

Below is the video sent to Business Insider by @Night.Shift of the two Instagrammers climbing 432 Park Avenue the night they were arrested.