Poll shows US Number A-1 Star Jason Jones does best Indian Election Coverage8 May 2014, New Delhi, M Post Bureau

New most scientific poll displays that 97% of Indian voters trust award wanting fake journalist Jason Jones to deliver best Lok Sabha coverage in 2014. Known as the Bronto-from-toronto, a six-time Mr. Canada entrant, Jones hopes India will help 'exercise my mind as well as my temple of a body'.  

Perhaps unknown for the time being to an Indian audience, astute film-lover will remember him include thetaut, straight-to-video pshychological thriller After Alice and the award-winning television masterpiece 'Terminal Invasion', in which aliens in human disguise commandeer a rural airport during a snowstorm. And who could forget the unforgettable 13 minutes of screen time Jason had in the SciFI Channel's original film Webs, when his character (Junior) and a local team of wacky electicians, led by Sir Richard Greico, teleport to a parallel universe where human-looking alien spiders run amok? But beyond all the glitz and glamour of those prestigious projects, Jason is most proud of the trilogy of 'based on a true story' films from which he has been cut: America's Prince: The JFK Jr. Story, All American Girl: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story and, most recently, the Meg Ryan box office bonanza Against the Ropes: The Jackie Kallen Story, in which he shared absolutely no screen time with Meg Ryan.

Jones, of course, will learn as much about India as possible in the short time he's here. In an exclusive interview with the star himself, Jones Revealed has learned that Jones will visit The National Gandhi Museum sometime this week. 'Seeing Ben Kingsleyis performance in 1982's Gandhi is second only to his work in Iron Man 3, which is a film I saw on opening night because of some important peple I know from being rich celebrity', boasted Jones. 'I've always wanted to know more about Gandhi since his name comes up frequently in conversations, and I feel like I have Googled him a long time ago', the humble and relatable star continued.


Asked what his hopes are for his first trip to the sub-continent, Jones replied 'Having stayed at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino at Atlantic City New Jersey I think I have a pretty good understanding of India, but I can only hope that the nation will live up to expectations set when I ate lunch at the Indian Pavillion at Disney's EPCOT center while waiting fot the 1: 15 showing of Captian EO to begin. The flatbread I had was so good I missed the showing, but it was Ok because I caught the 1: 45'.

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