By Tyler Lee
on 10/15/2012 03:38 PDT

Ever wondered how much the use of instant messaging apps like Whatsapp cost carriers in terms of potential revenue lost via SMS? Well according to analysis and research firm, Ovum, it seems that the use of instant messaging platforms like Whatsapp has cost carriers an estimated loss of 17.7 billion Euros this year. It is no secret that many of us have turned to instant messaging apps on our smartphones to communicate with friends and family.

Apps such as Whatsapp, BBM, iMessage, ChatOn have replaced the need for traditional SMS, allowing friends and family to communicate with each other even in foreign countries for free as it allows not just messages, but audio, video, photos and even your location to be sent! All of this is technically free since you have a smartphone, chances are you have a data plan as well. Either that or you could always rely on WiFi. So, do you know anyone that you still communicate with via traditional SMS, or has everyone turned to Whatsapp?

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