Sex, Income and Happiness: Does a big bank account yield more sex?

The idea that more money yields more sex is a common notion, and according the this work, may be untrue.  The researchers tested the effect of income on the number of sexual partners and sexual frequency and found no statistically significant relationship.  Interestingly, the researchers did find statistical evidence that suggests people with greater than 12 years of education experience greater happiness from sex than those that are less educated. Moreover, folks with fewer than 12 years of education only experienced gains from sex frequency at 4 times weekly.  

Income and Happiness

We've all heard it, $75,000 USD per year is what it takes to be happy, above that amount we rapidly hit diminishing returns.   The researchers that determined the 75K value suggest, "Beyond ~$75,000 in the contemporary U.S., however, higher income is neither the road to experienced happiness nor the road to the relief of unhappiness or stress, although higher income does continue to improve individuals' life evaluations". . Unfortunately, I have a sad story to tell.  New research shows that happiness increases in a linear-log relationship with income.  Using data from said study, the below figure shows that as we earn more, our happiness steadily increases.  Whats more, life satisfaction is also strong paired with income.