It's hard to imagine that there was once a time when people who wanted to date other people but who insisted that those other people not deviate even minutely from a rigid political worldview had little recourse but to pass out hand-written pamphlets outside the Kroger. Those days are far in the past, however, as there is now a specialized dating site for you no matter your political identity. Well, almost.

Chelsea Clinton, a young politically active person who met her husband offline, presumably.

Chelsea Clinton, a young politically active person who met her husband offline, presumably. (AP)

What prompted this article was a post at The Daily Dot, noting a new entrant to the field. And that was:

Love for communists

OKComrade isn't actually a dating site, as such. It's a Facebook page that offers a place for those who find OKCupid to be "too bourgeois" to post profiles. And people are. Like Matt,a "27 year old, anarchist, environmentalist, vegan, straightedge, male from upstate new york." Or suzical, a "22 yo cis female anarcho communist."

To be clear, it's hard to tell whether or not OKComrade is a joke. The daters seem to be taking it seriously (or, at least, some do). But questions posted by the site like, "1) Has anyone here ever been a member of a leftist sect and dated/was seeing someone from another leftist sect?  and  2) Good idea for yet another Romeo and Juliet remake???" seem tongue-in-cheek. Or maybe we aren't the experts in anarcho-communist humor that we assumed.

At the other end of the spectrum (or thereabouts):

Love for libertarians

At this point we'll note that there is a cottage industry of sites set up that appear to be little more than front-ends for some subterranean match-making system. Like which appears to be a stock dating website filled out like a Mad-Lib. "Are you a [NOUN] looking for other [NOUNS] to [VERB]?" Etc.

But as Time pointed out a few years ago, there is a website that is clearly meant only for libertarians. It is called TheAtlasphere. As in, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

(This is the point at which people take issue with the conflation of Rand and libertarianism. The site itself focuses on the books, not the philosophy. But if your first instinct here is to get angry and want to explain why mixing the two is wrong — perhaps that is why you are single.)

Who awaits you at The Atlasphere? TweaktheReaper, who loves "patterns, rational thinking, and self sufficiency." Or freejaymz, who is "generally a really good guy" and also "not bad looking." (In many ways, politically specific dating profiles share the flaws of other dating profiles.)

We can start working our way back from right to left, at this point.

Love for Conservatives

ConservativeDates exists. It appears to be of the Mad-Lib, not-sure-if-this-is-where-I-want-to-enter-my-credit-card variety. By which we mean, caveat amator. (Googled "lover in Latin" in order to sound smart.)

Love for guns (and their owners)

Why the NRA doesn't have a dating site is not clear. But there's GunLoverPassions (part of the "Passions Network") and the gun lovers dating community at Kwink: "Have fun messaging, sharing photos and hooking up for a date on the range. Avoid those generic dating sites that don't cater to gun-lovers like yourself."

Love for Republicans

Among others, there's RepublicanPeopleMeet, which uses a different stock photo than its presumed namesake, BlackPeopleMeet.

Love for Democrats

When it comes to love, the left is happy to break down barriers. LiberalHearts came up in searches for "progressive," "Democrat," and "liberal." The jokes are what you'd expect: "Meet your 'politically correct' match using our uniquely progressive match system." Here's part of the simple form you fill out to register.


Those are the default options. Honestly.

Love for environmentalists

Guess what the color theme for PlanetEarthSingles revolves around.

Love for everyone else

Not every political persuasion is represented. There's no dating site specific to the upper Midwest Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party, for example. And if you're into LaRouche, your best bet is finding a date in Larouche, Quebec.

Perhaps the most obvious omission though is that there appear to be no dating sites for moderates or centrists. It's probably easy to guess why: Fear of commitment.