Not satisfied with the weirdness of a fried-chicken keyboard, KFC Japan unveils a giant drumstick of an iPhone case.

KFC iPhone caseThis will make sure your iPhone doesn't bend.
KFC Japan

Some of the most unusual and amusing digital accessories in the world are coming from the Japanese arm of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The fast-food chain already unveiled a fried-chicken keyboard, computer mouse and USB drive as part of a Twitter promotion and giveaway. KFC Japan looked upon its mighty works and said, "Yes, this is good, but we can do better." And then it introduced a fried-chicken iPhone case.

The case takes the shape of a big drumstick that has been dipped in batter and deep-fried into submission. It holds the iPhone 5S. A seam near the top appears to show where it separates in order to insert the phone. You can then grip the bone part of the drumstick and chatter away as if talking into a cooked piece of poultry were a natural thing to do.

The promotional materials show a happy KFC customer indulging in a cup of some sort of beverage while holding the giant case up to her ear. A chubby little cartoon Colonel Sanders lies on his side, laughing and holding his stomach at the absurdity of it all.

The oddity doesn't end here. Remember the Ostrich Pillow? KFC Japan sure does. Instead of the relatively sedate design of the original, we get a giant plush drumstick with a hole for your head and two more holes to tuck your hands in. If you thought the Ostrich Pillow would be conspicuous in public, just wait until you try to take a nap at the airport wearing a massive orange-brown chicken part over your head.

Since the products are giveaways, they're not going to be available in the marketplace at large. You'll just have to direct your chicken envy at the lucky Twitter winners.

KFC Japan pillowSleeping at your desk has never been so chicken-y.
KFC Japan