The FDNY's annual calendar of firefighters has long been ogled over, but now there's a new pin-up in town — and it features taxi drivers.

Now in its second year, the 2015 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar features three returning "all-stars" and 10 new drivers, and debuts its first husband and wife driving duo. The drivers are depicted in a playful mix of work and leisure that includes puppy playdates and delectable cookie consumption.

Some of the photos from the 2015 calendar are featured in the gallery above.

A portion of the proceeds from each calendar sale go to University Settlement on the Lower East Side, which provides more than 30,000 immigrants and working individuals and families each year with key services like housing, quality education and literacy programs.

Sales from last year's calendar generated more than $40,000 for University Settlement.

This year's calendar is created by freelance creative director Phil Kirkman and his fiancee, photographer Shannon McLaughlin.

Calendars can be purchased here.