Well, another year of SNL has come and gone. Unlike any other show on television, the skits on SNL have the potential to sneak into the cultural consciousness on their own terms, becoming much more relevant than the show itself — and sometimes more relevant than whatever they’re mocking. So what were the best skits of the year? From where we’re standing, the earlier half of 2012 was much stronger, bringing us a couple of our new all-time favorites, and the hilarity trailed off a little, but maybe it’s just that the new goodies haven’t had time to sink in yet. Either way, after the jump, watch our picks for the ten best skits from this year of Saturday Night Live. But since humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, let us know which of your favorites we missed in the comments.

10. Hypnotist

Air date: September 22

Host: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Oh boy, does Taran Killam sell it with the physical comedy in this one. If you don’t laugh while watching him climb over Kenan Thompson in his underwear while Thompson keeps whimpering “no, no,” well, you might be slightly more mature than we are. Also: twist ending!