High on the ideas list at The CW, besides the words "Vampire Ponies" followed by a series of hopeful question marks, is finding some way to extrapolate The Hunger Games to the small screen for the network's own predominately teenaged girl audience. Past attempts have included its in-limbo pilot The Selection, a dalliance with adapting Battle Royale, and considering maybe strapping bombs to the chairs on Oh Sit!, but now it's going straight to the source with The Hunt, a show that aims to adapt The Hunger Games by basically making its reality show conceit an actual reality.

In the one-hour competition series, 12 teams of two are abandoned in the wilderness, forced to spend a month foraging for food, water, and shelter, while also "capturing one another" in some manner, such as using makeshift nets, or through convincing them that their adrenaline-fueled clinging to each other in desperate circumstances constitutes a genuine romance worth taking seriously. Of course, killing will not be allowed on The Hunt—nor, sadly, on The CW's other new reality show Perfect Score, in which singles are rewarded with cash and/or love for correctly picking the single they're most in tune with, according to a compatibility test—as TV hasn't gotten to this point yet. Yet.