Cindy Crawford

Lovers of color-coordination, legwarmers, and gym-avoidance, rejoice: Jane Fonda has reissued her iconic workout videos on DVD. Her timing couldn't be better: With blizzards abounding and fashion month fast approaching, an at-home (or in-hotel) sweat session is the ultimate way to raise your heart rate while bypassing frigid early morning commutes to the gym.

Reflecting on Fonda's 1980s living-room lunges and squats, we couldn't help but flash back to our own favorite workout videos. For some, the early 1990s bring back memories of a mesmeric slew of model-led programs designed to sculpt butts, arms, and abs. Aided by It trainer Radu and a soundtrack by Seal, Cindy Crawford demonstrated her own body-sculpting chair routines in a sports bra and high-waisted gym shorts or a bathing suit and bare feet on the beach. Equally atmospheric were Claudia Schiffer's super-workouts, boasting ocean and skyline views for her variations on targeted crunches and push ups. For her twelve-minute callisthenic blasts, Kathy Ireland was joined by a team of enthusiastic participants, while those worshippers at the fitness altar of Cher seemed to share an penchant for sheer black lycra and leg-slimming step workouts.

Fast-forward to the present day, and a new generation of virtual fitness enthusiast still wants to access the workout of the moment from home—only this time, on a laptop. In recent years, the supermodel hosts of yesterday have been replaced by celebrity trainers like Tracy Anderson (her Goop-approved muscle-exhausting dance cardio is a killer) or Mary Helen Bowers (whose cultish Ballet Beautiful lengthening exercises draw an A-list crowd), who offer smart downloadable content on their sleek websites.

Here, a look at our favorite workout videos from then and now, to remind us that convenience never goes out of style.

Cindy Crawford


Marky Mark

Kathy Ireland

Claudia Schiffer

Wii Fit

Marisa Tomei

Ballet Beautiful