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Are you a carnivore or a herbivore? If you're the former, continue on, if you're the latter, here's something you might enjoy:

Alright, carnivores, here's the skinny, we can satisfy your needs for one month or longer. If you want to be reminded each month that jerky isn't free (unfortunately), go month to month. If you want a happy ending and save yourself some money and heartache, go 6 or 12 months and do yourself a flavor. (See what we did there?) No matter what you choose, you're making the right choice. Jerky is life. Life is jerky. You can't lose. 

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 If you're wondering what you get, here's what we've shipped so far.

 Do you think you can handle our "Hottest Jerky in the World" challenge? Give it a shot, tough guy.